Welcoming Sages & Seekers, by Amy ~ NAS "Over-Seer"

 "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear" is an ancient proverb that applies to New Age Sages, a Cyber-Salon where Sages & Seekers can meet and share timeless and timely visions, insights and wisdom. Some Sages are among us still; others are on the other side -- all offer clues for living with integrity, joy, peace, health & spiritual alignment. Here,  mundane and mystical merge to support your journey toward full integration and purpose.

Why New Age?  The decades surrounding the turn of the century brought a shift on Earth,  known by many names: Aquarian Age, Information Age, Electronic Age, Space Age, Age of Globalization.  YOU are part of this shift and New Age Sages can help you steer your course through these truly awe-filled times.

Each 2,000-year Age is part of the Precession of the Equinoxes; scientists and mystics agree: Earth is experiencing a Galactic Alignment that only occurs every 26,000 years -- predicted by ancient Mayans who saw 2012 as the end-date of their Long Count calendar. 

All Ages has Avatars who light the way, Masters whose revelations give humanity new understanding and vision for each stage of our evolution.  The NEW AGE challenge is to invite your INNER AVATAR to shine ... so I invite YOU to shine your light here! 

Amy Shapiro

Meet our Sages

Meet our Sages on YouTube and hear messages from Isabel Hickey's Never Mind, AmyShapiro's Before This Song Ends: A Timeless Romance and more!

Contact Amy Shapiro at 978-283-5039 (ET) or via AmySun@aol.com

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